سوانح حیات

An engineer's tale

Abdullah was raised in a middle-class family. He was the 10th child in his family but the most pampered one. Abdullah has been fond of painting and calligraphy since his childhood. He made his first sketch at the age of 7 and was awarded first place in a calligraphy competition.

But what made him a structural engineer? His true inspiration was his elders. From his teenage, he dreamed of being a structural engineer as his father was a mason and his elder brother was an engineer. 

Like a typical child, Abdullah grew up in a rural area yet went through many difficult times throughout his life, eventually becoming mature at an early age while experiencing several life lessons in different aspects of life.

Childhood slips away, Lost before its destined time, Beauty fades too soon.

In his academic ground, Mr. Abdullah proved himself to be an intelligent student with his acumen in curriculum and non-curriculum activities, which always played an important role in shaping his creativity and enhancing social life strategies.

Abdullah’s father fell into an illness of about 2.5 years. He was paralyzed and gave up working. After his schooling, on 16th December 2016, Abdullah’s father left his soul, and his life became a testament to resilience and hope in times of adversity. He was forced to take on responsibilities in his father’s absence, which presented him with the issue of receiving low grades in college. Those hard situations made him survive through social, financial, and mental challenges where he did like an ideal person could. He understood that:

Even in the darkest tunnels, hope is the flickering flame.

Abdullah remained steadfast in his aims, navigating the challenges and sticking to hope. In those days, an article named “Diye Hain Hum” was published in The Ace Newspaper, where he presented himself but with imagination on Child Labor. He wrote this article while walking from his school in the city to his home in the village. His spirit was alive and blooming on summer days, pushing him to raise his voice on reality. 

His article got published, and after this, he used to write many stories, poetry, and articles as a hobby as it had a peaceful vibe to raise voice for those who deserve it and used to observe what’s wrong and write it. He was not just writing for the sake of words; he was orchestrating a harmonious convergence of language, purpose, and justice.

Completing his graduation was not easy for him, along with dealing with the responsibilities of his father after his death. He failed. But he repeated even when every person around him shouted to give up. After a long struggle with society and the brain, Abdullah accepted all the challenges and earned his graduation degree in Civil Engineering Technology with a prestigious position. His insatiable thirst for being an engineer and inspiration from his elders took him to the forefront as a structural engineer expert. All were not a walk in the park for him but he remained consistent and achieved his degree. 

Despite the initial challenges that Mr. Abdullah faced, he not only dealt with his setbacks but also rebuilt his personal and academic performance. In that period, what he earned is here: 

  • AutoCAD – issued in 2019 by Digiskills
  • Project Management: Initiating, Planning & Finishing – issued in 2020 by Coursera
  • Civil Engineering Technology – issued in 2021 by GCUF
  • Art Director, Graphic Designer – issued in 2022 by NFTP
  • Scale & Calibration – issued in 2023 by Bluebeam, Inc 
  • Measurement Tools for Takeoffs & Estimates – issued in 2023 by Bluebeam, Inc
  • Takeoff Data & Industry Workflows – issued in 2023 by Bluebeam, Inc
  • Revu Essentials – issued in 2023 by Bluebeam, Inc
  • Drafting & Sketching – issued in 2023 by Bluebeam, Inc
Plannings in PK
0 +
Designed Sheds in NZ
500 +
CFD Buildings in AU
0 +
BIM Projects
0 +

As an engineering expert, Mr. Abdullah has taken over projects of diverse scales, from vital infrastructure to architectural marvels. His commitment to presenting attention to detail and analytical approach to handling every project is carried out precisely.

Architecturally, he planned a lot of projects independently and some with the collaboration of international firms as well, including 35+ houses in Pakistan, Engineering Designs 550+, Timber Sheds in New Zealand in 2023, 45+ Light Gauge Steel design residential buildings in Australia, 150+ Construction Estimates, and 58+ Structural Modeling Projects for New Zealand and the USA

Moreover, Abdullah is working on businesses from small to large scale with the collaboration of national and international peers, including Defteng Private Limited, وائی سائٹ, Khursheed-E-Sahra, and Afaq School of Education.

Beyond his technical prowess, Abdullah is now an expert at Web design and Web Development with great accomplishments. His multifaceted approach to WordPress, HTML, CSS, Java, and NodeJS elevates the web development process to new heights. Mr. Abdullah is passionate about bringing engineering solutions in codes and software to make a convenient process. His strategic approach and mindset of high-quality deliverings ensure that each project adheres to the highest requirements standards.

As a true patriot, the leader of structural engineering, Abdullah Bin Nazir, wants to see innovation, education, simply the s, and community service as defining characteristics of the future. His lofty goals demonstrate a comprehensive strategy for success that blends technological know-how with a strong dedication to the welfare of society. He is making a contribution to society by bringing positive change. 

Abdullah’s goals are dedicated to fostering the growth of the next generation, and he desires to impart his extensive skill set to worthy students.

Taking Islam as a lead in every step, Abdullah works to improve people’s personalities and professions while adhering to Islamic principles. He wants to highlight the importance of Islamic ethics and values for success in both the material and spiritual realms by applying them to business. Abdullah intends to impart business knowledge while adhering to Islamic values and beliefs.

Abdullah Bin Nazir is a man of unwavering principles, marked by tenacity and will. His family provides him with the flickering hope that enables him to overcome adversities. His ascent from a middle-class background to a renowned structural engineering specialist exemplifies not just his knowledge and accuracy but also his commitment to the welfare of society. Abdullah has a great sense of duty in his literary involvement for social causes. His proficiency in a range of projects and web development shows flexibility and a smart approach. Adversity does not define a person, as demonstrated by Abdullah Bin Nazir, whose perseverance and moral principles enable him to overcome challenges and accomplish remarkable feats.

These values direct him, ensuring that his actions align with Islamic beliefs and positively impact the business environment and society by prioritizing ethics and morals in business.

His story is a potent reminder that failures and challenges do not define a person; with enough willpower, one can surpass any barriers to achievement.

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